Fall Fashion

I grew up in Detroit, and lived on the east coast for almost 15 years. Fall is one of my favorite times of year. There is something so sophisticated about it Fall fashion! Rich color palettes, boots, faux fur coats, animal prints, scarves and long sweaters make me happy! And, I love a great hat! Nothing cures a bad hair day, morning time crunch or adds a little drama to any outfit like a great hat.

In spite of my appreciation for rich colors, I always seem to end up with something black on. You would think after wearing a black robe as Judge of Paternity Court everyday, it would be the last color I would want to wear when I’m not working. Not so! Black is my go to color when I can’t think of anything to wear.  I wear all black so much, when my son was four he asked me, “Mommy, why do you wear black so good?”  LOL! I hollered! I made a note to self that maybe I should incorporate more color into my wardrobe. Seriously, any given day, I swear I could slide behind the Mac counter and cover someone’s lunch break and fit right in. Black on black on black just never gets old to me.

Every season, I buy one great pair of black boots, a comfy black turtleneck, a black coat and a black bag. These wardrobe staples anchor the majority of my outfits. I always feel like if I have a choice between black and another color, just get black because you can wear it with more things. That’s playing it too safe, right?

So this Fall, I told myself I was going to branch out and be a little less sensible and a lot more daring! There are some interesting new trends this year. Flair leg jeans are back. I’m not to excited about that. But I am excited about ruffles, off the shoulder tops, plaid coats and gold metallic. Count me in! Which new Fall trends are you excited about this season?