The Keys To Success

The L is for Limitless:

I’ve always loved the letter “L”. When I was growing up in the late 70’s, one of my favorite TV shows was “Laverne & Shirley”. The character Laverne, played by Penny Marshall, used to wear a cursive letter L on all of her clothes. I wanted my mother to sew a letter L on my school shirts. I always said when I grew up, I wanted to wear the letter “L” everyday just like Laverne.

Believe it or not, my initials are L.L.L. When I sign my name I usually sign as Lauren L. Lake, which often prompts people to ask me what the middle initial “L” stands for. I rarely disclose my middle name. It’s a little inside family joke, that my late mother hated her first and middle name.  When she and my dad, decided on “Lauren” as my first name (after movie star Lauren Bacall), my mother decided to “bless” me with her middle name, Laniece.

I can recall countless conversations with my mother about why she would pass down a middle name she despised to her only daughter. She would laugh and say she hated it so much she just decided to give it to me.  LOL!

So when people ask my what my middle initial stands for, I always think about my late mother and our little inside joke. Instead of disclosing it, sometimes I just plug in another inspiring “L” word. “The L is for love.” “The L is for luxury”. The L is for “legacy.” But of course you know my favorite is, “The L is for limitless.”