Workout Win!

The struggle is real!!! Staying committed to my workout regiment is a never-ending challenge. I’m consistent for 6 months and then fall off the wagon for 6 weeks. I bust my butt to get a few unwanted pounds off and tone up a bit, and then I gain it all back in one weekend.  I am pleased to say that this is the first time I have managed to stay committed to my workout regiment while Paternity Court is in session. I was so proud of myself! It took a lot of focus. Do you want to know how I pulled it off?

Here are 5 tips I used to stay on track even when life and work get hectic. I call them the 5 C’s:

  1. Commitment : I took weights and resistance bands to work. I arm and shoulder exercises while my Glam Fam touched up my makeup, hair and wardrobe. My glam fam and I did lunges down the hall.
  1. Convenience: While was busy working in Atlanta, I found a yoga studio right near my house. I could walk there. I didn’t have to fight traffic to get the gym.
  1. Combination: I got hooked on yoga sculpt because it’s relaxes and tones me at the same time! Nothing like a 2 for 1 deal!
  1. Consistency: I did 50 push-ups, 50 dips and 50 crunches at night before bed when I couldn’t make it to yoga or to the gym. It’s not much but it really helped me stay on the wagon. In the past if I skipped more than 2 days during a week, I would just give up and start over the next week. It was like starting allover again.
  1.   Connection:  I did my best to stay connected to my friends that workout regularly. They kept me motivated by posting pictures of their workouts and reminding me that I needed to find a way to get a workout in. I even followed some really good trainers on Instagram. Inspiration, motivation and exercise ideas right at your fingertips!